Flowers this Week

Hey everyone! Check out these cute little flowers I picked up today. This is a special installment: college edition.

Please notice that I skillfully hid the fact that the vase is an old ice tea bottle. Also, that I tried so hard to dim the terrible bright green color of the railing the flowers are resting on. And yeah, that's a fraternity in the background. Luckily all the less-clothed folk who live inside were not around during the taking of these photographs.

It's been so long since I bought a bunch a flowers, I almost forgot how happy it makes me. There's this little flower shop right next to my favorite cafe near campus, and I always pass by and stare longingly at the bunches. I never quite felt right buying some for myself near campus, because you don't really see people walking around with bouquets in college. (Except for guys who are either aiming to apologize or impress.) In the end, though, the weird looks were worth it.

The little old man who sells the flowers is very nice, in a Grand Bazaar haggling way. I'm quite positive I was overcharged, though he promised me he gave me a discount... But he threw in the yellow bits for free and thanked me profusely for coming by, so I guess I can't be too mad!

Happy Tuesday!