Snippets 9/2

I've been back at school for one week. It feels, as it always does, like an eternity already. True, I'm nowhere near done with the semester (though I had a weird dream last night that I was a senior in college... Projecting??), but I am settling in pretty well. Among the millions of things I'm slowly re-remembering, here's a list of new observations I've made of late.

My favorite burrito place on campus now charges for, get this, guacamole AND sour cream. Guac I get... but sour cream?!

The library I used to go into solely for the purpose of using their clean bathrooms is actually really cool. Like. Really cool. The view looks like a forest on the east coast, and it's so calming. I never liked studying in libraries before I met this one. (You can meet a library, right?)

Grey skies almost make the campus more beautiful than sunshine. Is that weird? It's weird. But I love it.

I find that listening to Coldplay's latest album while walking around or studying is both relaxing and pumpy-uppy. I think it's because it makes everything I do feel more dramatic.

This campus is so beautiful that I find myself randomly smiling at one little thing or another. So. If you see me around, don't be alarmed at my cheesy grin.

Living in an apartment makes it feel like I can go anywhere at any time. Though I don't actually do that, it's nice to know I can just get up and go and don't really need to inform an RA or my roommate.

Related to the last one, I can show up at home with no warning on a whim. Yesterday, cause we had no school, I dropped by home and we went to Treasure Island at sunset. This was the result. I know. SO cool.

For now, I've got to get back to computer science homework (and taking advantage of my engineering trained parents.) Happy Tuesday!