Hanging Gardens

India is one of my favorite places on earth. Very few words can describe what a crazy country it is, but it's special to me for many reasons. Most of them are food.

This is the second trip I decided to shoot with film, with kind of mixed results. I've been to India many times, so getting to see it through film was actually awesome, but I didn't feel the need to document everything as I would with a new country. I only used about two rolls while we were there, but I think some of it came out okay!

We went to a local hotspot/tourist trap on our last last day in Mumbai, called Hanging Gardens. I don't really know that anything is hanging in it but it's still pretty cool. It was about 70 degrees and breezy when we went, completely unusual for a January day (usually it's 85) so there were lots of people milling about and several field trips in progress.

The gardens don't have much in the way of flowers this time of year, but they're beautiful nonetheless. And just across the street from them, there's a viewpoint of Chowpatty Beach, minutes from where my dad grew up!

Be back soon! I promise...