Recently, I had the pleasure of celebrating the fact that I've spent almost TWO decades on this earth. By that I mean, recently, my birthday passed. And I'm almost 20. So. 

Here, I am smiling about something stupid at age 4. I'm almost 5 times older now!!!!!

I know at this stage in my life, it feels like everything is changing. I'm making new friends, meeting new people, experiencing things I don't really understand, and nothing feels normal. But there's some beauty in that, I think. 

I started this blog when I was in the fourth grade. For all yours' sake and for my sanity, the old posts have been removed, but I did a little peruse through the archives to find some of the things my eight year old mind frequently churned out. I think, I think it just reminds me that the important stuff never really does change.

Confusion at why boys like "A Bugs Life" so much:

"I couldn't believe some of the boys were actually getting excited at the fact that the ants were getting crushed by the grasshoppers in the movie (but I guess boys get excited about that kind of stuff)"

Explaining my big girl vocabulary to everyone (plus, food):

"Today we had rancho day. It was so captivating (I mean fun) We got to eat mexican food like nachos and chips and cinnamon flavored churros."

Sleeping at a good hour, as always:

"We made a fort that went "KERPLAT" on us, we watched a movie and slept at a good time (11:30) then when we woke we found out that we got 9 hours of sleep!!!"

She sometimes does this now, too:

"Do you know what is so sad? It is the fact that right now my mom is asking me to "wrap up my blog" and take a shower. So Toodle-oo."

Classic good times with dad:

"Later he asked me if I wanted to get fries so I told him yes. And we went to in and out burger to get fries and they were so good. We ate them in our car and we listened to the baseball game that was going on."

THE HORROR (Okay, I still complain about this):

"Today I walked home to my mom in the boiling sun......not!!!! It was actually pretty cold. Our school normally has a crossing guard but today there was none so I had to walk WHILE watching for cars."

And my personal favorite:

"This title should be about the blog post so it's called CHEESE"

I hope you enjoyed this, because I really, really did.