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As I get back into the swing of school, something that always keeps me sane is a good wander around campus. Sometimes I feel like the school is so big that it can feel daunting and draining to imagine your place in it. There's 35,000 people roaming campus everyday, just trying to learn a lil something, like me. And at times, it's more overwhelming than I can even understand. The best medicine is to relax a little bit and enjoy the scenery.

1. My favorite building by morning light (Hearst Memorial Mining). 2. A new discovery, potentially the Archaeology building (though I can't be sure because I was already late to somewhere). 3. Afternoon shadows at Doe Library. 4. End of summer flowers by the windows at Doe. 5. The coolest cloud formation over the campanile. 6. Saturday afternoon football at Memorial Stadium. 7. More of my favorite building, on the first day of class. 8. Red orange walls and shadows on Anthony Hall. 9. X Rays of chairs on second floor Hearst Mining. 10. Wurster Hall, home to the clearest signage on campus. 11. C.V. Starr East Asian library, aka where I'd love to spend all my time. 12. Evening light in the hall that was home to the hardest midterm I've ever taken.

See y'all next time!