Back to the Grind

As always happens with life, we ebb and we flow. Sometimes it's easy to remember what the last ebb was like when you're in the flow, but sometimes it's not. I know this probably makes NO sense whatsoever, but just bear with me okay? 

When I started at school last January, it was really hard not to feel like I was leaving my life behind. How could I move away from my house, my neighbors, my parents, who had been with me for my entire life? How could I stop myself from feeling like I was constantly missing out?

Well, the easiest answer was that I couldn't. I had to learn to grow up, and realize that when big changes occur in life, rolling with them goes over a lot better than being a stick in the mud. I made it through the semester easily, only missing my parents half as much as I thought I would. 

But then the next challenge was learning to live with them again. I'd just been subjected to the ultimate freedom: no one to answer to. Though my parents are by no means demanding, there is a responsibility that comes with living with them. I made that adjustment quickly again, but I knew I had to return to school eventually. 

If you're still with me, I'm on day two back at school, and I'm trying to remind myself how to live without supervision and parental support again. Even worse, I'm trying to reteach myself to cook, clean, assign chores, and study all alone. It's a challenge, but I think knowing that I can call to vent or take a 20 minute train to my parents helps. 

Here's to hoping that I don't need to take a train too often (and that you aren't as much of a big baby as me)! Happy new school year, everyone!

Pictured above: Freshman year and sophomore, same cafe, always eating, always reading.