2014 in review

2014 was so good to me. I always wondered why people claimed this. How can a year be good to you? Don't you have to put the effort in yourself to get good out of the year? 2014 most definitely changed my opinion. It seemed that everything I thought was going to go horribly wrong turned out okay, and things I looked forward to didn't disappoint. 

I realize I didn't really update much on the blog this (last?) year. At least, not as much as I could've. But luckily, my instagram was always up to date. So. Here's a favorite from each month in 2014. Some crazy things happened this year! 

January: We said goodbye to London. After six months of living there, it was hard to go. But somehow I knew when we left that I'd be back. True to my predictions, my parents decided to buy a flat in the eastern part of the city. And hopefully, fingers crossed, I can figure out how to go to graduate school in the UK.

February: Starting college was a major shell shock for me. I think, especially for someone as talkative as I am, it was weird being somewhere where everyone had their own thing going on, and I was supposed to figure out my thing alone. (You mean I can't talk to you, random person, about my life??) It was harder than I thought it would be, but something that made me stronger overall.

March: Spring break in March was spent cleaning out my childhood home. Now, 9 months later, I realize how sudden it all was, moving on from the place that I knew every corner of, the place that watched me turn from a bumbling toddler into an annoying preteen and further into whatever it is I am now. I think this was for the best, because if we'd dwelled on the move we might not have gotten the guts to do it at all.

April: The view from our new condo. It's smaller, there are dents and scrapes and an unmistakable draft in the winter, but it's home now. And everything we need is right downstairs (see: the Giants stadium).

May: My first semester in COLLEGE (!!!!!!) ended without much flourish, but exactly the way I needed it to. New friends were made, new limits tested, new things learned (I think, at least). It was a quiet semester, but the perfect ease into university.

June: A customary trip with my best friend's family took us to New Zealand. I caught a nasty cold and I'm terrible at hiking (which we did a lot of) but the views were incredible, and thus, any discomfort was worth it (I think this is my new motto). I also made a new friend!! Honey Maple was super friendly.

July: This summer was LONG. I've never had three months to gallivant around before, and so I had to give myself some structure. I worked for two months in a creative agency, such a cool experience! Weekends were spent fulfilling the bucket list (no doubt y'all have seen it thousands of times now). Ocean beach (pictured) quickly became one of my favorite places in San Francisco.

August: See! Ocean beach again. August brought back school, something I dreaded for some odd reason (probably computer science class), but shouldn't have worried about at all. I spent my last day of what I then called freedom at the beach, pretending school didn't exist.

September: My birthday month never disappoints me. Class was hard, but my roommates became some of my great friends, and I got to see my parents at least once in two weeks. Unfortunately, the day after my birthday was one of my hardest midterms, so I also spent a LOT of time in the library. This one's one of my favorites.

October: Though only two months ago, I can hardly remember what happened. Probably lots of funny things, dumb things, crazy things, sad things, a little bit of everything! And fully fueled by coffee.

November: Fall really suits my university. The drought we were in was also partially remedied by the rains in november. In an 8:30 AM, no coffee, no umbrella haze, I hastily snapped this picture and ran to class. Turned out okay! Another motto, perhaps? (Something along the lines of, trust your instincts and it'll all work out...)

December: My second semester of college, done! Though we have four weeks off, I love school and my friends so much it's hard to be gone for that long (this is remedied by meeting up over break because why stay away when you can see each other all the time?). In a perfect end to the year, my parents and I made a visit to the golden gate, now in our backyard! 

In a single year, so much has changed. Both my parents changed jobs (dad after 5 months, mom after 17 years), I started university, we sold my childhood house, moved to a small condo in the big city, my mom gave away her beloved 16 year old Honda Accord (she wanted me to put that in here), and we bought a flat in London. Everything is different. But it's good. It's a good different. Needless to say, if 2014 was that good, I can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer.

Fall? November? Thanksgiving?

It's the tuesday before thanksgiving break and I'm afraid I just can't do any work. I think my brain never got the memo that it's not elementary school anymore and I actually have class to go to and homework to do and papers to write and (deep breath) lots of other things. But for now, I'm just going to sit back and pretend all of that work doesn't exist. I'm sitting in my second favorite cafe, drinking unusually good coffee (I mean... it's a college campus, they could get away with selling slightly flavored coffee bean water), listening to what HAS to be Parent Trap's soundtrack filtering through the sound system. 

How is it already November? NO ONE KNOWS. It feels like yesterday I showed up here, worried that my enrollment in this school was a practical joke someone played on me and I actually wasn't a student (I know... I don't even know how I thought that was possible). Except that was actually January. It's almost like before I blink it'll be the new year again. Does this mean I'm getting older?

The only consolation is that the bay area looks pretty good in Fall. I think it's her best look.

It's been a while since I told y'all what I've been reading about lately. So, here goes.

This is the real reason women always have longer bathroom lines than men.

Can you IMAGINE memorizing this much stuff and not getting like... a PhD in cab-driving or something?

Fruit on pizza is a particular weakness of mine. The only thing I like more than sweet food or savory food is sweet and savory food. So...

These are the funniest things the human race has ever researched.

I think I need this. For like... survival purposes.

I want to attempt to be crafty this year. I think this will be my first project, hopefully. Probably.

Happy holidays friends and family. May the rest of your year be FANTASTIC!!


Right now, I'm overlistening to this Sam Smith song, thinking about a lot of things. 

It never ceases to amaze me that year after year, month to month, the seasons change. The sights we see everyday, they light up with the colors of fall, become shrouded in the mist and grey of winter, slowly come to life again in spring, and radiate almost painfully in the summer. And in the midst of all these changes, our lives happen. 

You can probably tell I haven't been here in a while. It seems almost premature to say I've changed while I've been away but it's simply inevitable. I've changed, just as the seasons have (seriously, this California girl cannot do 50 degree weather). There have been countless nights out drinking hot boba tea with people I can't believe I haven't met earlier in my life, random phone calls with close friends talking too much about dumb boys and impromptu drives to the absolute tops of mountains discovering what this beautiful part of the bay has to offer. 

This much is not obviously different from who I've always been. But perhaps the most crucial for me is that the person I'm becoming is absolutely unafraid. There have also been stressed last minute homework submissions and little things that don't fall just into place and big things that made me feel dejected these last few months. But the defining moments come from my ability to get back up again when I fall down. Something I think the old me had a lot of trouble with. 

I've encountered a lot of personalities these past weeks (almost a whole semester?) I've been away. And they've made me really reflect on my own. Some things I've learned about me:

1. I'm happiest when I'm happy. This is obvious and maybe dumb but I've realized I'm happiest when I'm happy in the moment. I've come to know so many people who are happy dreaming of what could be, but never in their own current frame and I know now I'm not made for that. 

2. The little things really make me me. I say "kewl" and I eat swiss cheese plain out of the fridge and I love to wear birkenstocks unironically and I'm so very glad about these things. 

3. My friends, all of my friends, mean the world to me. Including my parents (lol). Without them I wouldn't have a reason to try and be funny. And silly. And I definitely wouldn't laugh nearly as much. Which would be a crime. 

4. I'm not scared of waking up a different person. I may start to like plain cheddar out of the fridge and like the word "neat" tomorrow. I may even start to cook more or eat healthier or run a few miles daily. But I'll always be me. And I like me. 

So. After this time away to reflect and catch a breath and do a little digging, I've come up with some gold. I'm pretty happy with life right now. Aren't you?

Mountain top views. 

Kewl new friends. 

Best mom around. 

Unironic birkenstocks. 

Ps. Hope to be around more than usual with some more faux wisdom and real camera photography. Pss. How is it already November?? Sheesh. 


Here's a bunch of things I like to look at and think about right now.

I'm like 2 years too late, but I love this album.

Speaking of that album, I cried watching this video (featuring King and Lionheart) and not even, like, pretty tears. 

This is the number one article on the New Yorker for a reason. (Don't read if under... let's say... 16? Or if you don't like bad words.)

Did you know that people believe there was a second Taj Mahal to be crafted across the river from the first in black marble? I remember going and there does seem to be a distinct start to craft one, but the plans were never finished.

I want to eat these every day forever for as long as I shall live.

Also this.

This article is SOOOOO long but worth it. I'll give you a hint, it's about mozzarella sticks. And whether that disgusts or excites you, you have to read it.

Funniest sketch I've seen in a long long while. And so true. Where has Al Yankovic been?

I feel like I've said this before but I can't wait to see this movie. It's a love story, it involves food, it involves Indian food and all kinds of cute people are in it (I'm talking about Helen Mirren here. Though the lead male isn't too bad looking ;)

Happy hump day all!

(In honor of the recurring Indian theme, enjoy this picture of my dad's friend Matt's head... er... I mean, the Taj Mahal.)