The Mexican Michelada

As a native Californian, my only stipulation for spending 4+ weeks somewhere is that they have a good taco place. When I was living in London, I knew I might have a problem with this stipulation; but luckily, nestled slightly north of Central London in Camden, there's a wonderful Taqueria, Cafe Chula. I've been there now about 10 times, and every time I leave wonderfully full and high off tacos and margaritas, not once disappointed. This time, I wanted to try something a little different, so I decided to order a drink and item off the menu at random and hope for the best.

I was rewarded with a Michelada and a crispy Chicken Quesadilla. The Michelada is a mix of hot sauce, tomato juice, and a few other spices that you pour your beer of choice into. The result is delicious and spicy. My favorite. Quesadillas are self explanatory! Below are the pictures I managed to get before I attacked the food and drink with no abandon. Enjoy!

Sundays in San Francisco

There are few things greater in life than waking up at 8:00 on a Sunday morning, floating dazedly on 5 hours of sleep because you stayed up too late talking to friends, traveling through traffic-less streets, and waiting patiently in the leftover fog for a REALLY GOOD CRUFFIN. This, my friends, is why living in San Francisco is so wonderful.

If you've never heard of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, well. You're hearing of it now. Much like Dominique Ansel's cronuts (croissant + donut) in East Village, NYC, these are a rare commodity. In fact, only two trays of cruffins (croissant + muffin) are made every day, and once they're gone, they're gone. We had the pleasure of trying the Mandarin Creamsicle flavored cruffin, but every day they have different flavors. In fact, every week they announce the flavors on their instagram, and this week they used my picture to announce them! If you'd like an autograph, leave a comment below. (Safe to say I let it get to my head?) HAPPY MONDAY!

The Week in Food

I had a scone today. Finally. It's a British staple right? Can't leave here without eating one? Well, guess I can go now, because it was downright delicious. I wish I could tell you it was from a dainty English tea shop, but it was from a Belgian chain cafe with a French name. All kinds of confused.

To have a proper scone, my firm belief is that there must be clotted cream and blueberry jam available. If not, well, what are you even eating? This place had no shortage of either though, so that's a major plus.

This week also saw a lot of eating out, as my friend was in town, and I must say, a majority of food in this town is great, if a tad over priced. Just to remind myself more than anything, here's a list of what I've enjoyed in this last week.

Pizza Express

A classic. Eaten here so many times, in different locations. Slightly overpriced, good enough food. Covent Garden location is cute and cosy.

Brick Lane

Not a restaurant, a market. AMAZING selection of food. I don't know if there's such a thing as "internship 15" (more like 25) but I'm probably going to gain it. Tried the Tibetan momos, which are like dumplings. Delicious. Will be going back.


Cute French bakery chain. Had a brioche. Loved the brioche. Will probably get another brioche.


Advertises classic burgers. I will agree. They are classic. Got the chilli burger which basically amounts to a ball of heat in your stomach. Even for me, a certified Heat Lover. Nothing like St. John's at home but nothing to complain about either. (SO many locations.)

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Just as a celebration for my friend's last night in town, we did some fishing in the area of Hoxton. To see which bar was the best to hit, as we're heavy drinkers, you know. (Total joke.) Had a burger. Eh burger. Not well done, as specified. I'm not good at pink meat, so sue me. The churros with chocolate were far better. YUM. (Good cocktails too, if expensive.)

Zen Mondo

Nestled on Upper Street in Angel, this was a godsend. Needed some sitdown sushi and this was melt in your mouth good. Of course, as is with good sushi, it was a bit pricey, but I don't believe I've ever had salmon sliced quite that well. And the homemade strawberry mochi was nothing to cry about either (translation: amazing).

Yalla Yalla

Everything in Hoxton is so trendy. The people, the bars, the FOOD. We headed to Yalla Yalla, Beirut style cuisine in food truck format, which as we all know is huge in the US right now. It was amazingly good food. (I had a chicken shawerma wrap, mom had falafel.) For really cheap. Unheard of. Will be heading back to try the tacos that were alongside.

Le Pain Quotidien

Today's scone. Enough said. Had a fritatta for lunch beforehand and I did expect a tad more from it, but nothing too horrible as is understandable from a chain restaurant. They also said fresh orange juice but it spoke of Tropicana level. Oh well. The scone did make up for it.

Hope I made you hungry! Or something.