Grad Photos

Getting your graduation photos taken at Berkeley is no joke. Not only are there dozens of photographers to choose from, but there are up to ten locations every person wants to be photographed at, some want couple shots and roomie shots, some want individuals in their favorite cafe, and so much more that could literally make your head spin. As a photographer, I've been approached a couple times to take photos of friends. Because of all that commotion, I usually say no and point them towards some of my favorite photographers (from the club of creatives I ran, naturally).

This year, however, I graduated, and some of my close friends needed a photographer-- but they weren't aware of how much money it actually costs. To do them a solid for all the friendship over the course of college, I offered to take them. I even took some of my roommates during my own grad shoot (what can I say... I'm never without a camera). And to round it all out, I also took some of my best friend and her friends down at USC, because why not? I find it's a lot easier to enjoy the process when you know the people you're taking pictures of so you can actually direct them and make them laugh... Here are a few of my favorites! (Maybe grad photos aren't an automatic no from me anymore!)

As a bonus I included one at the bottom with me actually in it. I did graduate, after all!

And as an extra special bonus, I'm posting this on my best friend's birthday!! Can you guess which one she is? (Hint: there're so many of her!)

Maci Hits Cal

One of the best things about going to a world class university is getting to show other people said university. Especially when it's pretty. Last week, the mind behind one of my favorite blogs (, go to there) was in town. She's a photographer, she's an excellent cook (I'm told, I will have to test this out and get back to you), she's a wearer of birkenstocks (how can you not love someone like that...) and she's a Giants fan. Need I say more?

I love getting together with other photographers. They're some of the only people who won't cringe when you wax poetic about the lighting in your favorite library or make them stand artfully in front of a bush. It's great.

Needless to say, Maci's standing in front of walls/plants did not disappoint. And everything else too, of course. We only had an hour to shoot together but I think we got some great ones. I can't wait till she comes back cause I'm already planning where we'll go next! 

(The final picture is by her. Pretty cool, huh?) Oh and do me a favor and check out her post as well. I think you're gonna like it.