B is for...

Hello again! It seems I find you at the beginning of yet another summer, this one before my final year of college! As always, I've decided to participate in entirely too many things for just one three month period, but I'm excited for it all to start. 

I actually write this from the hotel my parents and I are staying at in Eureka, California-- our hub during a mini road trip through the California Redwoods. In between two summer school sessions and a journalism fellowship with The Tab, I've got only 18 days off this summer, and I'm trying to use it all up as best as I can! So far, I've recovered from a nasty cold and visited the SF conservatory of flowers (a summer tradition!), not to mention this little vacation that reminds me of all the National Park hopping I did with my parents as a kid. 

I brought along four cameras with me for this trip, but so far I've only shot in film on my trusty film SLR. While those wait to be developed and scanned, I've got this for ya. This past semester at school has been one of my most mentally taxing-- learning how to juggle schoolwork, club commitments, and friendships, so late into my college career has been difficult. To combat the stress, I like to pop on a romantic comedy, grab some magazines, cut, collage, and journal. I can't even count the number of times I watched Stardust this semester alone. My last journal entry for spring 2016 read as follows:

 "B is for a lot of things. If you ask me, some days the answer is but ... sometimes it's butts ... sometimes it's beginnings. B is for anything you want it to be. Blooming, bursting, breaking through. Now the semester has come to a close, I'm able to do a last bit of reflection. I've grown a lot this semester. I'm still petty, I still get hurt easily, I still overthink lots of things. But ... I'm not as stubborn as I once was. A lot of people have taught me along the way; sometimes being set in your ways doesn't let you see what's right in front of you. And I need to keep remembering that. So it's been a tough semester. A lot of learning, a lot of solidifying. But a lot of room for ... better.

B is for better."


Some very philosophical stuff ;). As always, I'll be back with more pictures and thoughts for you! Probably a summer adventure post series as well. See ya soon!