India by 50mm, Part 5

This is the final installment in our tour of India by 50mm. It ends in Goa, the place half of my ancestors hail from, and possibly the most relaxing part of our trip. SO relaxing that all I really got were about 5 pictures. WHOOPS! I felt I still needed to include these in the group because they're pretty cool, they're from a spice plantation we visited (referenced in another post a while back,) not too far from the town of Weling, where my family comes from!

Every time I go to India, I learn a lot about my history, about the fundamental base that makes up my person. It honestly makes leaving just that little bit harder, but every time I do, it's with the knowledge that I'm a little more aware of my personality, of what makes me who I am. And, honestly, I think that's pretty cool. Be back soon to give some more current updates, and a few more pressing thoughts from India!!