Back to School!!

Realllllly glad I'm making good on my promise to check in more this semester, but what can I say, this girl's schedule is never empty. To do a quick update: I'm taking four major requirement classes this semester (keeps me busy), I joined my first club at Cal (whoo!!!), and I have no idea when Thanksgiving is coming but I cannot WAIT for a break. 

The club I joined ( gets hired to do design/web development/photo work on and off campus, and as part of the photo group, I get to go to really cool venues and take really cool pictures. Last week I attended the a distinguished alumni banquet for graduates from the civil engineering program at Cal. These people are crazy successful, and they so kindly let me slink around them and take pictures of their candid laughter. The event was located on the top balcony level of our stadium, from which the view of the bay and San Francisco is unparalleled (and one of the folks being honored helped design it!!). Please enjoy!!!