Flowers this Week

This summer has been crazy eventful. Not only did I travel to six different major cities in the United States, I also signed up for the hardest computer science class my university has to offer, and I agreed to redesign a security company's monitoring system, from scratch. Though it sounds a lot, I think I managed okay, and I'm finally done! The day after I took my final exam for my class, we flew to London to see our new flat, where we're busy adding decorative pieces and a homey touch. Soon, it'll be time to start school AGAIN for the semester. Time seems to just fly by.

In the meantime, my love for flowers hasn't faded. Here in London there's a beautiful flower market that goes off without a hitch every Sunday morning at 7AM. With jetlag, we were up early enough to catch those beautiful flowers, and we bought ourselves a bunch. Plus, the new flat has AMAZING light, I seriously can't stop thinking about it. The result: