Sundays in San Francisco

There are few things greater in life than waking up at 8:00 on a Sunday morning, floating dazedly on 5 hours of sleep because you stayed up too late talking to friends, traveling through traffic-less streets, and waiting patiently in the leftover fog for a REALLY GOOD CRUFFIN. This, my friends, is why living in San Francisco is so wonderful.

If you've never heard of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, well. You're hearing of it now. Much like Dominique Ansel's cronuts (croissant + donut) in East Village, NYC, these are a rare commodity. In fact, only two trays of cruffins (croissant + muffin) are made every day, and once they're gone, they're gone. We had the pleasure of trying the Mandarin Creamsicle flavored cruffin, but every day they have different flavors. In fact, every week they announce the flavors on their instagram, and this week they used my picture to announce them! If you'd like an autograph, leave a comment below. (Safe to say I let it get to my head?) HAPPY MONDAY!