Real Nawlins

I was doing a little bit of research on New Orleans, because I wanted to give this post about our last stop on Crazy Trip 2015 some special consideration, and I stumbled upon the funniest collection of quotes. People feel a lot of ways about New Orleans, but most commonly, people have a strong sense of affection for the city, a city which still holds endless bounds of charm. This quote, this is my favorite:

America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.
— Tennessee Williams

While we were there, we visited my freshman year roommate, who's spending the summer working and living up by Tulane. She taught us A LOT about the city and its resources and the efforts going on to revitalize NOLA post Katrina. Though it's been almost exactly 10 years, the city still needs lots of help, and doesn't seem to be getting what it needs. It was heartbreaking to learn about some of the struggles the people of New Orleans face (I'll spare you on this blog post BUT, ask me to rant in person) even today. As just a casual tourist in their city for a few days, I couldn't really understand their lifestyle, but thanks to my roommate I could still be aware of their hardships.

Anyhow, I looked through my photographs from the last leg of our journey, and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed by what I captured. There is this notion that photographers can always salvage something beautiful from a shoot or a vacation, even if it seemed there was nothing spectacular to look at. But I definitely had some trouble in New Orleans. The city is teeming with a wealth of culture and beauty and delicious food, and everywhere you turn there is something worth saving, albeit digitally. Perhaps the heat and the constant activity were overwhelming? That's what I'll tell myself anyway! 

Nevertheless, enjoy these few scenes from Jackson Square, Magazine Street, Louis Armstrong Park and the French Quarter!

ALSO, my best friend is traveling to Australia tonight on her study abroad journey. The next time I see her will be in approximately 5 months, which is simply terrible. In the meantime, send her all your mental congratulations and good lucks etc.!! OH and TGIF!!