Memphis Blues

My parents and I have been meaning to travel to Memphis for a long time. Approximately 20 years, in fact. A LONG LONG LONG time ago my Dad got sent to Memphis, TN for his first job in the US. My mom, who was sent to Daly City, CA, later decided to go to grad school in the south so they could finally be closer together. In 1991, she got her M.S. from Memphis State, and they lived in Memphis for a couple more years before moving out to Fremont, CA. And then I was born!

To me, Memphis means a lot. Part of knowing who you are is knowing where you come from, and though I never lived in Memphis, it feels like a piece of me. Memphis was my dad's first home in the US, the place my mom got her second degree, the place they got married in a criminal court (funny story), and so much more. Pictures from the past can only tell so much, and for a long time I didn't really understand what their life was like 20-odd years ago. But when we landed in the MEM domestic terminal and were instantly sticky with sweat from the humid air, I finally got it.

We spent only two and a half days in the city, SO I would love to go back soon. But, in the time we had, we did a lot! It was such a cool experience to see my parents reminisce over their favorite restaurants from the past, the apartments they used to live in, my mom's campus, and the courthouse they got married in. We even had a chance to visit the high school I'd have attended (Germantown HS) and the high school one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE baseball players, Matt Cain, attended (Houston HS). Probably the most impactful were the museums we visited, (National Civil Rights, STAX Records, and Graceland), because they gave me perspective on the great history Memphis has contributed to this country and its people. 

There is an OVERLOAD of pictures, so enjoy! At the bottom is a video I made to commemorate our journey, watch at your leisure (you'll have to click it to get it to play!)

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