New York // Washington, D.C.

So, I lied. I know I said I'd be back right after those India pictures, but (as it always does) time got away from me and here we are in April. Already. How do these things happen? Probably something to do with university and family and friends and vacations. Hey! Speaking of vacations! (I know, you probably totally didn't see this coming, did you? Right??) If you've no idea what I'm talking about: I've come back today to share a few pictures from my recent trip to New York and DC with my roommates.

Given that it was our spring break, it probably wasn't the wisest to travel east. But as everyone knows, those who are wise have less fun or something like that. It may have been freezing and there may have been a fiasco or two but what's a good spring break without 'em?

The top shots are from the cool flea market we stopped by in Brooklyn, which reminded me so much of Brick Lane's sunday upmarket in London. We also stopped by the iconic Manhattan Bridge viewpoint, crossed the Brooklyn bridge in 32 degree weather and struggled (SO MUCH STRUGGLE) to get a good picture taken of the three of us. (Other obvious highlights include the subway, Empire State, and Broadway)

In DC, we did some classic monument hopping: Lincoln Memorial at night, selfies in front of the White House, getting caught in a sudden rainstorm at Jefferson Memorial, being trampled by eighth graders at the World War 2 memorial. (Was that how loud I was in the eighth grade? Sorry, mom.) The entire trip was amazing, and definitely worth the cold I caught on the flight home. AND as a bonus if you don't feel like you've been overloaded by pictures on my instagram already, check out all the photos I posted on my vsco grid. SEE YOU SOON!