The weekend is almost here! But before that... a story.

Writing never came naturally to me. In fact, growing up, all of my teachers told me I was precocious and destined for great things... scientifically. They told my parents constantly to put me in math camps and sign me up for science classes over the summer. I actually wish some of them had told my parents to foster the creativity I was lacking and put me in art class. 

Then a few years down the road, I fell in love with photography. Part of the reason I was so drawn to it when I was young was that it felt like a way to be scientific (getting the light meter just right or framing a shot symmetrically) and creative at the same time. It felt like I could be myself, or at least, who I wanted to be: a mixof left and right brain.

More and more, I'm realizing that photography has been a great tool for me to explain myself the way I never had the confidence to in words (something I'm working on). And it's allowed me to learn about so many different creative fields that I never dreamed possible. 

Now that the completely irrelevant story time is over... enjoy your weekends everyone. May the days off bring you sunshine or rain, whichever you prefer, and may they feel like a glorious vacation.

McWay Falls, Big Sur, California (or edition 1 of where I'd rather be right now)