Status Update

As the summer comes to an end (I know....) I have to come to terms with the fact that I won't be at home forever, and I still have a hefty amount to do concerning my summer to do list. But I also must concede that I got a lot of it done already. And since it would've been way too annoying to constantly post all the checks off my list on instagram, I posted most of the pictures on my VSCO grid. But I also figured I'd share a few of the glories here as well.

From the top, left to right: 1. ocean beach in the early morning, 2. upside down jellyfish at the aquarium of the bay, 3. ethereal looking conservatory of flowers, 4. saturday morning dimsum in chinatown, 5. ocean beach at sunset, 6. early morning land's end hike, 7/8. coffee at the famed hollow cafe, 9. the most decadent meal at le charm, 10. light ridden brunch at marketbar, 11. chips and cotijo cheese at nopalito's, 12. dad contemplating life/pizza at delfina, 13. fort point, 14. mexican sashimi at don pisto's, 15. san francisco x early morning fog in bernal