Under the Bridge

Part of the hazard of becoming so obsessed with Instagram is the plethora of pictures of cool places people visit (that sentence was brought to you by the letter p). There are some pretty "famous" instagrammers from the bay area, and they post some seriously awesome captures. A lot of the places on my summer to do list, in fact, come from their pictures. One of them is Fort Point.

Finished just before the American Civil War, Fort Point was built to fortify the San Francisco bay from hostile ships. It housed 13 cannons, and some of the weaponry is still available to view today. Perhaps most spectacular, though, is the view of the Golden Gate bridge. From afar, it's hard to tell how beautiful the architecture of the bridge really is. But when viewed from up close, the metalwork and design is astounding (nerd alert).

It was really really windy, and we got there just 10 minutes before closing, but it was still beautiful. And I find, I say that about most places we've been going recently. The bay area has so much to offer.