Here's a bunch of things I like to look at and think about right now.

I'm like 2 years too late, but I love this album.

Speaking of that album, I cried watching this video (featuring King and Lionheart) and not even, like, pretty tears. 

This is the number one article on the New Yorker for a reason. (Don't read if under... let's say... 16? Or if you don't like bad words.)

Did you know that people believe there was a second Taj Mahal to be crafted across the river from the first in black marble? I remember going and there does seem to be a distinct start to craft one, but the plans were never finished.

I want to eat these every day forever for as long as I shall live.

Also this.

This article is SOOOOO long but worth it. I'll give you a hint, it's about mozzarella sticks. And whether that disgusts or excites you, you have to read it.

Funniest sketch I've seen in a long long while. And so true. Where has Al Yankovic been?

I feel like I've said this before but I can't wait to see this movie. It's a love story, it involves food, it involves Indian food and all kinds of cute people are in it (I'm talking about Helen Mirren here. Though the lead male isn't too bad looking ;)

Happy hump day all!

(In honor of the recurring Indian theme, enjoy this picture of my dad's friend Matt's head... er... I mean, the Taj Mahal.)