New Discoveries

Today I learned two things: 1. the town of Weling in Goa, where my family is from, has little else but an Engineering College in it and 2. is right next to a spice plantation. If you think about it (which I have) this explains a lot about me. I'm infinitely more left-brained than I am right, though I love to use both, and I don't think a day has gone by I didn't eat a chili pepper. 

Does this mean my destiny is in Engineering and I can only eat spicy food for life? Only time will tell...

Photos pictured are from a 2011 trip to a spice plantation in Goa. Not the one near our namesake, but a cool one nonetheless. From the top: 1. rain under the palm trees 2. tiny pods that become devastating chili peppers 3. GREEN!