Magical Magical

Today I was thinking about how for my birthday a few years ago, I came up to the city for dinner. It was short, sweet, and a little magical. After all, it was a school night, and I had trekked 45 miles for dinner! (I know, I had really weird standards of "magic" then.) But I digress. The point is, moving to the city has been a little weird, because I know everything I used to have to spend eons planning for is right at my fingertips. And I guess I worry I'm not taking enough advantage of it, or that I don't appreciate it as much because it's so easy. 

SO. I know it's only about a month now before I go back for school, but I'm committed to doing as much as I can in these few short weeks so I don't have to worry about this anymore! 

And to commemorate my desire to make the most of San Francisco, here's the (kinda) skyline made of squares. There're approximately 225 of them.

(P.S. This took me at least 8 hours collectively to do, because it is surprisingly hard to make something look like something only out of squares. (Why did I choose to do that?))

(P.P.S. I finally got my film from New Zealand back! That will be coming soon.)

(P.P.P.S. How come mosquito bites always appear in the hardest to reach/most inconvenient places? For example, the one located where my butt cheek meets my leg. Most inconvenient, because A, I can't reach it and B, I can't blab about it to people ad nauseam. Except you, I just told you.)