Snippets 7/22

This edition of the little pieces floatin' around in my mind is brought to you by Ghiradelli (TM) Chocolate Minis. That is because, well, I'm eating some right now. But I digress. Here's a little look into my current mind! 

First things first, please look at this adorable picture of me and my mom, which is giving me a serious hankering to go back to New Zealand. It's a small sample of what is (hopefully) on my 10 rolls of film which I will be getting scans back for (hopefully) tomorrow. The wait is almost over!

Sometimes I catch myself wondering about what's going on in Elle Woods' life right now. Does she have kids? Is she a judge yet? What about her political career, how's that going? And what about Emmett, sweet sweet Emmett?

Since the advent of the internet era, I've probably given my email address(es) to thousands of websites. (This is most definitely true, because I get 20 emails a day from Nigerian princes and suspicious pharmacists.) I wish there was a way to know where I've put my email, and how many places actually have it. How many accounts do I even have?! (Neopets do not count.)

What kind of spacial skills are required to look at a room and estimate how many people can fit in it? If I don't have those skills (I don't think I do) does that mean I can't be an adequate event planner??

The other day I was thinking about Beauty and the Beast. All those kitchen and home wares had such interesting and varied personalities. I wonder what would happen if they did a remake, but with office supplies. My guess for the sweetest office supply would be scissors. Just because it's ironic.

The other day I heard a bunch of sirens near work and I instantly wondered what was going on, so I tried to google it (to no avail). I think someone needs to make a crowd-sourced incident app. (Like Waze, but instead of just car accidents, everything). Or maybe I'll just make it myself!

Anyway, back to general programming tomorrow. See y'all in a few!