Now that we live in the city (scratch that... my parents live in the city) I always try and look for something fun to do out and about somewhere we haven't been before. So this Sunday Mom and I went to brunch at MarketBar which, though only a few blocks from our condo, we've never been to before.

It was cute, perfect brunch material, and a great vantage for people watching. People around us were from all over the country just looking to enjoy a rare day in the San Francisco sunshine. Mom and I both got the omelettes, and they were amazing. Can't say no to sourdough bread either! That reminds me... I think our next spot to hit will have to be Boudin. 

Dad's out of town for this week, but my cousin is coming to stay with us while she has a job in the city for the summer! It's gonna be a full house, but stay tuned because this just means we'll be doing all kinds of touristy things. I can't wait!