Fall? November? Thanksgiving?

It's the tuesday before thanksgiving break and I'm afraid I just can't do any work. I think my brain never got the memo that it's not elementary school anymore and I actually have class to go to and homework to do and papers to write and (deep breath) lots of other things. But for now, I'm just going to sit back and pretend all of that work doesn't exist. I'm sitting in my second favorite cafe, drinking unusually good coffee (I mean... it's a college campus, they could get away with selling slightly flavored coffee bean water), listening to what HAS to be Parent Trap's soundtrack filtering through the sound system. 

How is it already November? NO ONE KNOWS. It feels like yesterday I showed up here, worried that my enrollment in this school was a practical joke someone played on me and I actually wasn't a student (I know... I don't even know how I thought that was possible). Except that was actually January. It's almost like before I blink it'll be the new year again. Does this mean I'm getting older?

The only consolation is that the bay area looks pretty good in Fall. I think it's her best look.

It's been a while since I told y'all what I've been reading about lately. So, here goes.

This is the real reason women always have longer bathroom lines than men.

Can you IMAGINE memorizing this much stuff and not getting like... a PhD in cab-driving or something?

Fruit on pizza is a particular weakness of mine. The only thing I like more than sweet food or savory food is sweet and savory food. So...

These are the funniest things the human race has ever researched.

I think I need this. For like... survival purposes.

I want to attempt to be crafty this year. I think this will be my first project, hopefully. Probably.

Happy holidays friends and family. May the rest of your year be FANTASTIC!!