Home is an interesting word. As kids, we consider where we live our home. Where we keep our favourite blankie, where our mommy keeps all the best snacks, and where our parents' room is only a short walk down the hallway. But as we get older, as we grow and mature, head to different places, and try, inexplicably, to learn more about ourselves, that word develops new meaning.

My small town, where all my formative years were spent, that place will always be a home to me. And I'm happy to say that this new school I'm at is becoming home as well.

It's scary on your first day in a new place, a new environment, especially when everyone around you seems to know what they're doing. But the easiest way to get through it all is to make a routine for yourself, to start seeing elements of home in your new world. Maybe it's pictures of you and your friends, or the snack you used to eat every afternoon with your mom. Maybe it's something more complex than even that.

Whatever it is, whatever we need to adjust, I think I'm starting to find it. Hello to a new year of newness. New experiences, friends, places, homes (!!), and anything else you can think of. Hello 2014. See ya later 2013.

(Having just said goodbye to a number of things, including beautiful London, this picture is only relevant.)