For the last time today I said, "Hi, it's Natasha!" upon entering the office. It may not seem like much, but it's been part of my daily routine these last few months. For the last time, I dodged pedestrians, droplets of rain, and strollers coming from nowhere on my last walk to work.

And all it's made me realize is that I have less than a month left here, in this glorious country. With still so much to do. My work is done, and I can officially be a tourist. So here's a little guide of things you can't miss out on when you get an opportunity like I have. I will do my very best to see to all these things before the day I leave (which is so soon!). 

1. Go to that hipster cafe you always pass on your way into the office. They may be hipsters, but they won't bite. (Probably)

2. Eat in that Thai restaurant you always see people queuing for blocks for. It's probably really good. Just a hunch.

3. You know that corny tourist attraction everyone's been telling you to go to (or in my case, five)? Go to there. You will not regret it. 

4. Attempt to make American sweets. With local supplies. This will prove harder than it looks, and you'll most likely end up with unintentionally marbled peppermint bark that everyone will rave over. (They don't sell candy canes here?!!)

5. Smile at that cute guy you see every day on your walk home. You're never going to see him again, anyway!

6. Find a place you love. Any place. Make it your place. This way, when you go home you can impress people with tales of "this great bowling alley/park/eatery/ice skating rink back in London I used to frequent".

7. Lastly, try not to cry when you leave. If you have anything to say about it, you'll be back. Home awaits you now, as do more adventures.

(Obviously this list applies to any country, any period of time, and any person. Whether it's study abroad or internship, make your time count. I trust you.)