Tips and Tricks: Bad Day

We all have those days. You've got cramps painful enough to keep you in a fetal position, your favorite sweater is in the wash, and somehow, thirteen pimples popped up on your face the night before without you noticing. Plus a whole wash of other things you can't manage.

If you're like me, you'll suck it up and go to work anyway. Or school, or whatever. But the whole day, you'll be distracted, wondering if your acne is noticeable, or if your hair looks as bad as it did this morning. So I've made a list of things I do when I need to feel better after a long day. Or in the middle of it.

1. If you can at all go home, do it. If it's just not possible, think about home, or your favorite place, and just imagine it welcoming you after you've made it through the rest of the day.

2. As soon as you get home, drop all your things in a place that won't bother you if it's a little messy. They're going to stay there 'til you feel better, so if you hate untidiness, hide it! 

3. Though you may not want to, a good long hot shower always makes your body feel better. Take one. Or a bath, if you prefer. (I'm into showers, I don't know why.)

4. Put on the kettle, or boil the water, or whatever you do to make a good cup of peppermint tea. Maybe you like hot chocolate, or coffee, or a glass of milk. Whatever your comfort is, take it and make it. 

5. Settle down with your favorite movie, or tv show, or book, or all of the above. A little bit of chocolate helps here too. (I always go for the Parent Trap.)

6. Take at least five deep breaths. Whatever was bothering you today, it will get better. And it will get fixed. I promise.

7. Talk to your Mom or Dad. If you're not close with them, talk to someone you are. You don't have to vent about your day, but sometimes hearing the voice of someone you trust will make you feel better. (And if they're your parents, they're required to ask you what's wrong so you can cry about it a little. It's like, the rule.)

8. Make more tea. Or hot chocolate. And just let yourself relax. Forget the work you have to do for a bit. Eat more sweets.

Sometimes it just takes a few hours of a breather to get better. To remember that life isn't really that bad, but sometimes the days are. It's all going to be okay. 

Have a lovely day, everyone!