Dear N, Love Data

The Beginning

As you may have seen HERE, one of my big resolutions for this year is to pay attention to some part of myself each week by recording data on it, and then using that data to create some visualization. I'm pretty excited about this project (inspired by Dear Data) and I hope you are too!

As someone who's really good at paying attention to the small details and activities of other people, I thought it might be nice to turn this eye to myself and, in addition, get some practice with my data visualization skills, which have to a degree fallen to the wayside as I've grown up. The project tends to require a pen pal to share visualizations with, but since it's a personal project for me, I'll just be posting the results here each week.

Hope you join me on this journey, it's going to be a great year. To 2017!

A preview.

A preview.

Week one is up already!